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Body Hair Dying/Coloring

The Grays or Whites got you down? Down there...or anywhere from your groin to your face. This is a new service to help hide those pesky white or gray hairs that pop up where you least expect them too or care not to see. No more green tint that fades when wash it, the way things do when using those "Grocery Store" Men's Beard Dyes. I use high grade professional coloring products only bought at Cosmetology Pro-shops. I will color match your facial or body hair using this permanent tint that will last the length of your hairs growth cycle;

Natural Colors that include Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Dark Blond, Blond and Red/Auburn.  

$35 Face/Beard/Eyebrows/Mustache

$50 Chest and Stomach

$45 Lower Abdomen/Pubes

$35 Arms

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