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MANSCAPING (no wax here!)

If waxing isn't your M.O. for staying smooth, I can Manscape using CLIPPERS, in combination with the use of DISPOSABLE RAZORS, to groom any area of your body that you prefer to have hairless or reduced in length for a more groomed look.($10 add on to any area with clipper shave for close crop shaving smoothness with razor and cream.)

Single Services:

Full Legs ($50)

Chest ($50)

Back ($50)

Arms ($35)

Just the Butt (or Just Up Front Trimming) ($55) 

Manscaping Specials:

Classic Manscaping (Full Body Trimming from neck to toes to bring out the natural contours of your body. This is a painless procedure that creates a leaner, tighter appearance.) ($120)

The Adonis( Full Body Trimming from neck to toes INCLUDING Shaving Private Ryan and The Butt) ($160)

The Million Dollar Man (Full Body Trimming from neck to toes INCLUDING a Brazilian Waxing) ($180)

The Split Decision(Waxing of your cheeks, crack & perineum and trimming of your frontal pubic region.) ($95)

*$85Ingrown Hair Treatment(plus $15 for each additional area) This service takes care of In-Grown hair irritation and pimples caused by waxing or shaving.

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