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Full Body Massage Services 

My prices for massage are:

$80 60 minutes

$130 90 minutes

$180 120 minutes

I do Deep Tissue/Pressure, Sports, Clincal Therapeutic and Swedish Relaxation Massage.

Coming in early allows you the opportunity to fill out an Intake Form where you can circle the draping option you feel most comfortable with.

Introducing  a New and Amazing Body Work Treatment 
Hot Oil Massage

This is most certainly the best and most relaxing body work service on my me menu. It is the ultimate pampering experience for those needing a mini vacation away from the everyone, everything, release your stress...from past regrets to fears and worries of you the in the moment, live in the now...give your mind peace, your heart a smile and your body a well deserved gift...afterwards, you'll wonder how you've gotten by in life without this truly delightful selfcare body treatment.

Hot Oil (about 98 degree's; give or take one degree )is diffused from a vessel hovering  about a foot and a half from the clients body . The session start with a deep breathing exercise and other forms of asmr('Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) to enhance a more relaxed state) All stroke are long slow and connected. You can ask to have your pressure customized to your liking. This service is best provided with partial or no draping....and this service can still be provided in full draping too,
One Hour: $95
90 Minutes: $150
2 Hours: $195

Add $15 to any massage and receive a $30 worth of pampering that includes:

HOT TOWELS(between 6 to 8)


AROMATHERAPY OILS of your choice to be used in your massage lubricant(oil, lotion or cream) and in an Aroma-Stream diffuser, to set the mood and ambiance for an amazing massage experience. 

Your choices for Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Massage are the following;

Chamomile - soothing & great for sensitive skin types.

Cypress -astringent & deodorizing; clearing as an inhalant & alleviates nervous tension.

Eucalyptus - fresh & a great stimulating inhalant; good for muscle fatigue.

Juniper - detoxifying & promotes circulation; good for eczema & acneic skin;

stimulates poor memory & good for mental fatigue.

Lavender - soothing & relaxing; good on all skin types.

Lemongrass - refreshing & cooling; good for oily blemished skin.

Mandarin Orange - calming & cheery; good for stretch marks.

Palmarosa - refreshing & sweet; imbued with purifying properties.

Peppermint - soothing, refreshing & invigorating; good for muscle fatigue,

travel sickness & headaches.

Rosemary - invigorating & stimulating; promotes mental stimulation

& good for muscle fatigue.

Vetiver - woody, earthy & relaxing.

There is an added fee for Out-Call services (home, office or hotel.) $30 within Austin city limits and to $40 Westlake and Bee Caves area; $50 to Buda, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville; $55 to Lake Travis; $60 to Elgin. Past Elgin, $60plus $1 each additional mile.

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